Curriculum Leader

Mr Robert Rhodes

Course Content
A Level Computer Science places emphasis on computational thinking, problem-solving and programming ability. Students will have the opportunity to program (Visual Studio) in a range of languages including: Python, C#, HTML & JavaScript. Students will also study the theoretical side of computing. The course is split across two units and one project.

Why Study Computer Science?
Computer Science gives you a sound understanding of computing theory and develops students’ programming and logical thinking skills, plus, it enhances analytical and problem solving skills, helping students to solve and overcome problems logically and efficiently.

Students sit two exams at the end of year 13. Each lasts for two hours thirty minutes and, combined, they will represent 80% of the marks awarded for the qualification. The remaining 20% comes from an internally assessed individual project (course work).

Entry Requirements
5 GCSEs at grade 5 or above. Students must have achieved grade 6 or above in Maths and a 5 in English.  If students studied the subject at GCSE they must have achieved  grade 7 or above.